We always have in stock Jaguar V12 fuel injector hose and hose kits, V12 injector seals and kits, V12 injector ferrules and kits, and Jaguar V12 collar bushings and kits. No need for you to shop the net for your V12 parts. Every part you need is available from our shop. We can also repair your Jaguar V12 fuel lines.

The information below will detail why you need to keep these parts periodically replaced !



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This page shows a photo of the bits and pieces of old fuel injection hose, removed from a V12 Jaguar, XJS, year 1988.  The engine had 103,000 mileage. Fuel injection hose (FI hose) had never been replaced.  The photo shows only the bits and pieces from removing only 6 FI hoses, and only from six injectors.  It does not show the bits of FI hose, from the other six injectors, nor bits and pieces, of FI hose, removed from the fuel rail.  The photo was taken August 23, 2006, from a set of injectors received for servicing.


While the photo is not of a great quality, It does show the degradation of the hose that occurs, from age and heat stress, and drying out that occurs,  and the need to replace your FI hose.  


Removing hose from injectors, or the fuel rail,  is not rocket science.  However,  it does require patience and skill, so as not to nick the injector barbs, or the fuel rail barbs which may cause either connection to leak fuel.  The work requires multiple cleanups of the work area to prevent these bits from contaminating other parts.




New FI injector hose is soft and pliable.  Injector hose that is old, dried out and heat stressed is hard, cracks easily when bent, falls to pieces when cut off, and is the major factor, that contributes to V12 engine fires.  The hose will fail...leak fuel onto a hot engine, the fuel vaporizes from the heat and get ignited by engine heat, or erratic plug wire arching. We can supply new FI hose for your DIY reinstall, or we can install new FI hose on your rail, after testing and ultrasonic cleaning of your injectors.

What is the potential damage and cost of leaking injector hoses?

A) If you are extremely fortunate, the fire started while you had the hood up, you were right there, and you had a fire extinguisher 10 feet away, and put the fire out within seconds.  Now you may get to replace the injector hoses, maybe the wiring harness, maybe the plug wires, and spend a few days or so re-cleaning your engine, plus recharge the extinguisher.  Cost?  $700-$1,000.

B) In a worse case scenario, you're on the road, an FI hose leaks, a fire starts, you pull over, get out, and watch helplessly as your entire vehicle is consumed, because you can't get the hood open, or you burn your hands and forearms opening the hood, or you procrastinated in purchasing a fire extinguisher.  Cost ?  Total loss. Insurance coverage ??

C)  Third case is something in between,  a partial or complete engine compartment fire.  Now you have all engine wiring harnesses, spark plugs, plug wiring, distributor, coils, FI hoses, injectors, AC compressor and hoses, vacuum hoses, radiator hoses, relays, switches, amplifier, resistor pack, the throttle capstain, multiple other engine components, hood and probably fender repainting, towing, and car rental, and on and on, and several months of down time.  Cost ?  $4,000-$6,000...and most likely several thousand more.


For approximately $465.00 plus shipping to completely clean and test your injectors, replace the FI hoses, hose ferrules, injector collar bushings, and intake manifold seals (for a V12 Jaguar), and reassemble parts on your fuel rail,  isn't that a better option?


To paraphrase a line in a movie from a few years ago..."IF I DON'T DO IT NOW...IT WILL DO ME LATER".


If you elect to not have your injectors cleaned and tested...(which is recommended)... we can supply the FI hose (12 each, cut to fit), the hose cups (hose ferrules, 24 each]...EAC7876, and the lower intake manifold seals (12 each).  If you replace the FI hose and ferrules, it is VERY important to replace the injector intake manifold seals.  If you don't, you will most likely end up with a vacuum leak, between the injector and the manifold.  The result will be...pull it all apart and do it again...correctly.  We have all parts in stock.

We can also replace the fuel hoses on the four main fuel lines under the hood.   Send in your metal lines. We cut off the ferrules, replace the hose, and refit new FI hose of the correct ID...CARB compliant, and secure the new hoses with solid body injection hose clamps.


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