ASNU-01 Fuel InjectorTester

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We do "off the vehicle" fuel injector flow testing, fuel injector ultrasonic cleaning, and fuel injector service, for Jaguars, Porsche, BMW's, Fords, Chevrolets, Audis, and other top feed injectors.  Testing for injector spray pattern, injector flow rates, injector pintle leaks, injector mechanical leaks,  including replacement of appropriate injector parts.

The website contains numerous pages, detailing the cleaning process steps, common injector failures, the relationship of           injectors and O2 sensors, injector testing photos, and other related information.


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The ASNU-01 petrol fuel injector flow bench has brought state-of-the-art technology to petrol fuel injector testing, fuel injector cleaning, and fuel injector service.


If you want to "get serious" with your vehicle's performance, then your fuel injectors need to be tested and cleaned, on the ASNU bench tester, such that your injectors are returned to as-new condition.  Balanced fuel delivery from your injectors is paramount for your engine to provide maximum HP, the best fuel economy, lowest emissions, and overall driver satisfaction.

We are proud to use the ASNU injector bench tester equipment in our shop.

This equipment has the ability to perform the following testing and cleaning of petrol fuel injectors...

A)  A visual precleaning test of injector spray pattern.

B)  A quantitative precleaning measurement of injector fuel discharge volume flow.

C)  A precleaning pintle/orifice seal leak test.

D)  A precleaning pressure test for manufacturing/or damage defects for mechanical leaks.  Mechanical leaks are non-repairable and the injector(s) must be replaced.  In most cases...we have replacements on-hand.

E)  Ultrasonic cleaning in a chemical bath to chemically and ultrasonically  breakdown  "baked-on" fuel deposits.

F)   A visual post cleaning retest of injector spray pattern.

G)  A quantitative post cleaning measurement of injector fuel discharge flow volume.

H)  A post cleaning pintle/orifice seal leak test, and mechanical leak test.

I)   Injectors can be tested across a wide range of simulated engine rpms and injector pulse timings.  Range simulation can be from 3 to 12 milliseconds, and from 600 to 10,000 rpms.

J)  Injectors can be tested at normal fuel pressure and also at 1 bar below and 1 bar above normal fuel pressures.  Normal test pressure is 3 bars.    (1 bar = 14.7 psi)

K)  Separate digital test equipment is also used to test ohms resistance for compromized/grounded coil windings.

L)  A visual inspection is also performed to look for external and internal rust on and within  the injector.  Internal rust may/or may not be removed via cleaning.  We will do everything possible to eliminate inernal rust...however...there is no guarantee.  Injectors with external  rust will be wire brushed to remove rust.  External spray painting is also available.    


Maximum performance of your vehicle's engine requires injectors to be balanced in all aspects of spray pattern, flow volume, no leakage, and electrical integrity.

The ASNU bench tester and the additional electronic testing allows us to flow test, clean, retest, and  return a set of injectors in "as-new" condition.


Most injectors can be serviced.  However, injectors that fail any test can be replaced with cleaned and rebuilt injectors ( if available), with matching characteristics to provide a balanced set.  If rebuilt injectors are unavailable, new injectors with matching characteristics will be available.


                                      The ASNU-01 flow bench is a product of the ASNU Corporation, Australia..

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