I have spent hundreds of hours on this website to provide information, which I think is invaluable for you, to test and maintain your engine.  Absent the cost to test and clean injectors, and provide other parts, this information is provide at no cost to anyone who may read, and use this information to maintain, repair, or diagnose your engine.


The concept of tipping for services (or information) provided dates back for thousands of years.  The basic premise is...if you received any information, or service, which you believe was useful to you personally, then as a gratitous recipient of such information, you indicate such by "tipping" the source of that information, or service.


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Tipping your waiter, after a pleasant dinner,  is not mandatory.  It is solely based upon your personal appreciation of services provided.   Tipping your mechanic is likewsie not a part of your service contract for specfic services rendered, even if he/she provided additional information that later, saved you money, because you were able to do the work yourself, and not have to take your vehicle back for additional repairs.   Tipping is based upon your own personal experience with whomever provided the service or information that you used to your benefit.


Supporting  broadcast stations (such as PBS), or supporting any web site that provides educational information to you (which save you dollars) is your way of giving back a bit of the benefit you received.  If you saved $100 from the information, certainly a bit of that savings can be "tipped" back to the provider.


Tipping is not mandatory.  It's personal.  Your tip (donation, or whatever you call it), will allow us to continue to provide, and add to, information available at this site.


Either way your choose, I hope you found the information on this site beneficial.


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