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Our business is flow bench testing, ultrasonic cleaning, and fuel injector service, of petrol fuel injectors.  While we can test and clean, a multitude of injectors, we specialize in Jaguars, Porsche, and BMWs.

In many instances, loss of engine performance, loss of HP, poor fuel economy, and hard starting are directly attributable to "dirty" fuel injectors.  They are "fouled" from residual fuel deposits.  That is...residual fuel stays on the injector pintle (after engine shutdown), and bakes, and solidifies, due to after shutdown engine heat sink.  The result is...the heat burns on the fuel deposits and clog the micron gap between the injector seat and the injector pintle. reducing the fuel flow, and/or causing an erratic fuel spray pattern, and the injector(s) no longer provide a balanced fuel delivery flow, and spray patterns are altered, and/or the injector pintle/seat leaks.


However, there are also other circumstances wherein the injectors can be "unbalanced" in fuel delivery.  1) The engine has sat for months, without being driven, and the fuel has got stale and gummy.  2) The engine has been driven for years, with no attention to the fuel delivery system. 3)  And in many instances, injectors are purchased (at what may seem to be a bargain price),  from "salvage yards", or at Internet auction sites, in an unknown condition. In most cases, they are sold "as-is", with a possible caveat...these injectors should be cleaned before installation.


Fuel injectors must provide a balanced fuel delivery to every cylinder.  There are several pages on this site, which provide the specific details.  

They depict problems that occur with unbalanced injector fuel delivery, and also how your O2 sensor (and ECU) will falsely attempt to compensate.


If you have your fuel rail off, and the injectors out,  why would you reinstall a non-tested set of injectors?  With a 4 or 6 cylinder engine, proper fuel delivery is even more critical, than with the Jaguar V12 engine.  


If you own a Porsche, or a BMW, I recommend you navigate to my  HOMEPAGE and examine the need for balanced fuel delivery.


For pricing on Porsche and BMW fuel injector testing and cleaning, you can  GO HERE.


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I can test Bosch and other brands of MPI injectors.  Turn around time, in most cases, is only two days !!


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