As with any automotive part order, to provide expedient and correct ordering and processing, a part number is highly recommended.


It is also important that when shipping injectors, at least one injector should have the filter, collar bushing, o-rings, spacers, and pintle cap left on the injector.  This insures that replacement components will match existing components.


Please print this page, fill in the blanks, and include this form in your package when shipping injectors.  If you do not have a printer,  write down the below requested information, on a separate piece of paper,  and include it in your shipment.  Please print so all information  is legible !!


Customer Name:


Customer Address:



Customer Phone number:  (home)




Customer E-mail address:


Vehicle year:


Vehicle make:


Vehicle model:


Engine size:                                             Mileage:


Injector manufacturer:  


Injector part #:


Additional  "Accelerator Services"  requested....


Mode #______________   Test pressure (a)____________    Test pressure (b)___________
Mode #______________   Test pressure (a)____________    Test pressure (b)___________
Mode #______________   Test pressure (a)____________    Test pressure (b)___________
Mode #______________   Test pressure (a)____________    Test pressure (b)___________




While we carry a sufficient quantity of inventory, it is impossible to stock every replacement part for every injector made.   Therefore, it is recommended, you e-mail the above information prior to shipping of injectors.  This will insure that replacement parts are available when your injectors arrive for servicing.


Normal turn-a-round time for servicing is 48 to 72 hours....2 to 3 days after receipt.    However, please realize, we are a working shop, and subject to factors, which may vary service and delivery times.


Return shipping is via US Priority Mail Service, and averages 3 days in the continental USA.  Shipping cost for any sets of injectors (4, 6, 8, or 12), is a flat fee of $12.95.  If you send your injectors, and the rail, please refer to THIS LINK  for shipping costs.  International customers should e-mail for qoutes.


You are welcome to send e-mail to "sdfwinddancer@aol.com" for information on current lead times.


We accept the following forms of payment....


1)  I accept PayPal payments.  To pay via PayPal,  log on to www.paypal.com,  navigate to "send money", and enter my e-mail address..."sdfwinddancer@aol.com", and enter the appropriate amount.  

Please note the following when paying via Pay Pal...

A)    E-check payments thru Pay Pal take a  minimum 5 days to clear.   Parts will be shipped when your e-check clears.
B)   If you have cash funds available in your Pay Pal account, you can make an immediate payment.
C)   You can use your credit card to make a payment via Pay Pal.  Your card must be on file with Pay Pal, and sufficient credit must be available on your card.

2)  You may also pay via cashiers' check or money order.  To avoid return shipping delay, it is recommended to include your payment with your injectors. Make check or money order payable to           SD Faircloth.

3)  I also accept personal and business checks, although shipping may be delayed for check to clear.  Include your check with your injectors to avoid a return shipping delay.  Make check payable to SD Faircloth.

4) Due to the high administrative cost of credit card processing, we do not currently accept direct, or over the phone credit card payments.  While this may be a slight inconvenience to some customers, it allows us to maintain the highest level of service for all customers at the lowest possible cost.  Thanks for understanding.


Injectors should be mailed to...



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