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             We do "off the vehicle" fuel injector bench testing, ultrasonic cleaning, and fuel injector
       service, for stock Ford Mustangs injectors, modified Ford Mustang injectors, and all other Ford


                                                              We can service any Ford Mustang injector...........


                                                                           14# Ford grey top injector

                                                                           19# Ford orange top injector

                                                                            21# Ford pink top injector

                                                                            24# Ford green injector

                                                                            30# Ford red top injector


       After numerous years of servicing fuel injectors for Jaguar cars, BMW's, and Porsche owners,
      and likewise responding to many Mustang owners for injector advise and service, we began
            testing and cleaning Ford Mustang injectors.  We tested our first set in 2004, and have
                                                        tested hundreds since that date.


       This page is devoted to you... the Ford owner and the Ford Mustang enthusiast, who want their
             stock Ford Mustang or modified Mustang engine, to perform at its' maximum potential.


         Whether you have a stock Ford or Mustang, or a modified Mustang engine, there is one
 common element present.  In order to produce maximum HP, and best fuel economy,  your fuel
                                                           injectors must perform at 100%.


                     1)  They must consistently deliver a balanced fuel flow for the full set.

                     2)  They must provide a properly atomized fuel spray.

                     3)  They must not leak...from any mechanical joint, or the pintle seat.

                     4)  The ohms of your injector set...must match.


 Our injector testing, and ultrasonic cleaning provides every detail about your injectors' performance that you need to know.  We pre-test your injectors for pintle and mechanical leaks, we pre-test the injector flow rates, and we pre-test spray patterns.  Pre-testing your injectors (as they are received off your engine), allows us to assist in determining if your injectors are not performing correctly in your engine, and if the injectors may be a cause for poor engine performance.  We then ultrasonic clean your injectors , and then perform a post testing, for results.

  Regardless of a stock engine, or a modified engine...your fuel injectors are the FIRST engine
   fuel component to test and clean, to get your engine back to specs.  Voltage signals from your O2
   sensor, to your ECU, will not properly compensate for unbalanced fuel flow from your injectors.  If
   the injector flow rate is unbalanced, corrections by the ECU are worthless, and will cause
   excess fueling, or under fueling, of cylinders, which were otherwise ok.


The old saying..."You can't fix what you can't see",  has never been more appropriately
applied, than to your fuel injectors.  You can fiddle with them, you can spray them with some fuel cleaner, you can run dyno tests, you can perform exhaust gas analysis.  You may even consider buying an ultrasonic cleaner, and clean them yourself.  However, without being able to flow test them, you won't know if the cleaning process was effective.  You can even buy salvaged, and untested injectors from numerous sources,  "plug them in", and cross your fingers, and pray they work.   I have seen many claims, from auction house sellers, that say... "These injectors worked fine upon removal".  My response is..."How do they know that" ?  I would suggest that is a "subjective statement",  (that is...unquantified, and based upon a personal opinion),  rather than on "objective data", which is based upon a quantitative bench testing.


The only definitive (objective) analysis have them flow bench tested and ultrasonically cleaned.  Only then, will you have "clinical analysis", of each injectors' performance, and the results you need,   A bit of extra time, and the minimal expense, is well worth eliminating the speculation, and knowing the facts.  Why would you, as a prudent individual, dismantle your rail and injectors, and
reinstall an untested set of injectors?  Does that really make any sense?


A copy of my injector servicing form is available at this link  SERVICE FORM. We however, prefer to e-mail test results.  Much quicker to give you an answer.


If I can clean Jaguar, Porsche, and BMW can bet I can do Mustangs too.    


                            I encourage you to view This Page for details of the servicing process.


                        For photos of an actual before/after testing and cleaning, CLICK HERE
                                         (1986 JAGUAR V12 HE INJECTOR SERVICING, performed 8/2004).


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                                      Cost of Ford Mustang injector service......



Testing and ultrasonically cleaning of top feed Ford/Mustang (Bosch injectors) is as follows...
Non-Bosch injectors are slightly higher


Pretest, ultrasonic cleaning, and post test of 6 injectors........................................$81.00


Pretest, ultrasonic cleaning, and post test of 8 injectors......................................$108.00


Return shipping to any Continental (48 state) location....USPS Priority Mail........$13.00.



I want to service your Ford Mustang injectors.   The above servicing cost should prove it !!!


Got a question (?) ...send me an E-MAIL


Need immediate assistance ? us at 904-289-2020.  We are open 8 to 4, Monday to Friday,  Eastern Standard Time. Located in Jacksonville, Florida. If you get our answering machine...please leave a brief message. We will call back ASAP.


 Be sure to have your vehicle information in hand...year, model, engine size, and injector info (if available).


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