How Many Gallons of Fuel Do Your Injectors Flow?

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Pulling into the gas station and filling up the gas tank on our vehicles is now days so common, we hardly give it a second thought.  Except, of course, the wrenching fact that you just spent $40, or $50, or $60 in fuel!  Now while that is definitely important, it is not only cost of fuel that this page focuses upon, but also the gallons of fuel consumed by your engine.


Having gathered and analyzed a substantial amount of information on fuel injector flow rates, miles driven per gallon of fuel, annual mileage rates, etc.,  I was... "refamiliarized"  is the word... at the findings...although the information had always been right there in front of my nose.


Here's where I'm going with this...


Let's make some reasonably accurate assumptions...


1)  Assume your vehicle "averages" 15 mpg.

2)  Assume you drive your vehicle the US national average of 15,000 miles per year.


Some elementary math therefore, based upon the above, indicates "on average", we therefor use 1,000 gallons of fuel per year in our automobile.  Now that in itself may, or may not, make a big impact on you.  But consider that 1,000 gallons as the equivalent to 50 oil drums of fuel at 42 gallons per drum.  On average, one drum of crude oil (subject to the quality of the crude) will yield approximately 20 gallons of gasoline suitable for gasoline engines.  The remainer of the barrel (22 gallons of crude) is processed into other petroleum products...(heating fuel, diesel, aviation, etc).  So, 50 barrels of crude oil, will provide you with 1,000 gallons of refined gasoline.  Now... think about 50 oil drums sitting in your driveway!  A sense of reality should begin to unveil itself, but I'm not even yet at my point.


Let's now think of the V12 engine with 12 fuel injectors.  On the above information, every injector on an annual basis is delivering 83.3 gallons of gasoline, or the equivalent of 2.08 oil drums of refined gasoline,  to each cylinder in your engine!  That's a lot of fuel!


Consider now that volume of fuel is being injected into the cylinder through an opening whose size could be compared to the cross sectional size of a human hair.  An extremely small port!  A human hair may range from 40 to 90 microns, where 1 micron is equal to 0.00003937 inches.


When parts are manufactured within such close tolerences...there is no room for fuel delivery obstruction from "foreign particles".  Your injectors need to be clean, for your engine to maintain optimum fuel efficiency and performance.


Here's a bit of expansion of the gallons per year assumption...again on the Jaguar V12...(at 15 mpg).


At 50,000 miles...........each injector has flowed 277.7 gallons of gasoline.... which took13.88 drums of crude oil to produce.

At 100,000 miles........ each injector has flowed 555.4 gallons of gasoline...which took 27.76 drums of crude oil to produce.


Wouldn't you think after flowing that much fuel, through such a small orifice, your injectors might need testing and cleaning?  Then think about the car you just bought that sat in a garage for several years, while the fuel deteriorated into that "varnish" odor.  Or your newly purchased (previous owner) Jag, that you "think" you bought at a steal, only to find out the PO, had no idea how to perform proper maintenance.


A friend who drives a 98 Ford Explorer, 6 cylinder,  (in excellent condition) with 350k on the clock was "floored" by this information as I worked some number crunching with my calculator.


350,000 miles at 17.3 miles per gallon (average city and highway) equals.....20,231 gallons of 10 years.

20,231 gallons at $3.25/gallon equals................$65,751 in fuel cost! ... in that 10 year period....1998 to 2008.

$ 6,575 per year in fuel cost alone!

$548 per month in fuel cost!


Finally...let's conservatively expect a 1 mile per gallon increase (to 18.3 mpg) on the Ford Explorer  with fuel injector cleaning, and see what happens in the 10 year period.

Fuel consumption reduces from 20,231 gallons to 19,125 gallons, for the 10 year period.

Fuel cost reduces from  $65.751 to $62,156, for the 10 year period.

$359 per year.  Pretty good return based upon the cost to clean the injectors. 


Enough of that.  But here's one more tidbit for you California car owners.  In certain California locations, you have the most stringent vehicle emission none !  The state of California actually has tougher emission standards that does the EPA.  Probably the reason why my website has more "hits" from California vehicle owners, than any other state, or any other worldwide location.  If you suspect a fuel injector problem is causing your emission failure, send me the emission test results, via e-mail.  I'll have a look.


Want to know gasoline and diesel cost on a daily basis, from over 250 USA cities ?  The following link provides daily updated data for regular, mid-grade, premium, diesel, and E85 (ethanol blend) fuel.  The best site I have yet to find.  Provides daily fuel retail (at the pump) cost data, increases/decreases of fuel cost for all cities in the data base, over various time periods.  Info compiled by AAA from daily survey of over 100,000 retail stations.   This is a must look at site...FUEL GAUGE REPORT   If this link does not work...minimize this page...and type in your web browser  


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