We do fuel injector testing, cleaning, and service on Jaguar fuel injectors, and other MPI injectors.


By now, you most likely know that the OEM FI (fuel injection) harness (DAC3718) on your Jaguar was manufactured with sub-standard wiring...and therefore subject to degradation of the outer FI injector wire cover, brittle internal wiring, broken wiring, and leading to non functioning of the injectors.  The wiring gets baked with engine heat, the wire cover gets brittle and falls apart, the wiring shorts out, or is completely broken, and the signal to the injectors is compromised, or lost.  The end result being...the injectors do not fire, or they fire intermittently.  Neither, of which is good for your vehicle.


We have partnered with a USA manufacturer, to provide a new, aftermarket FI harness for your vehicle, constructed to exceed OEM specifications.  The FI harness is USA made, and the cost is substantially less than an OEM harness, yet the quality exceeds the OEM specs.


We currently have a new aftermarket FI harness available to replace the OEM Jaguar V12 harness, DAC 3718.  Injector harness fits 1980 to 1989 XJS V12s, and 1990 V12 (with Marelli ignition) up to vin # 178457.


The harness specs are....


20 AWG mil spec, stranded copper wire.
Wire covering is Jaguar color coded wire.
Wire covering is Teflon coated...rated at 200 degrees C  (392 degrees F).
Harness is covered with a black fiber glass loom...rated at 315.5 C  (600 degrees F).
AMP injector connectors are new, and are epoxy glued to the wire harness, and are covered with "heat shrink".
The other end of the harness has a custom molded new connector (9 pin with one blocked off).
The wiring length to the injectors, for this FI harness has been shortened, to eliminate the harness from lying in the valley, and configured to "tie-wrap" to the injector collar clamps, and fuel rail.
Constructed with no pig-tail connections.  No spliced or soldered connections.
Each injector plug wire is labeled, to aid in connection to the correct injector.


Current cost (5/28/2014) for this specific harness (DAC 3718) is..........$475.00 plus shipping to your location.  As of 5/28/2014 there are three harnesses coming to me from the mfg.  Due appx June 5, 2014. These may very well be the last ever available. The mfg has advised they will no longer be producing this harness.   


Prior to NEED to call 904-289-2020 or E-MAIL me your Jaguar year model, exact make, and your vehicle ID #.  We will not ship or order,  an FI harness without this information.  It avoids shipping of an incorrect harness, eliminates customer dissatisfaction, and wasted cost in shipping and time delays

As of June, 2014, we have no injection harnesses available for purchase.  Our mfg has discontinued producing and Jaguar harnesses.  We have no other source available at this time.  


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