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We do injector flow testing, and ultrasonic cleaning, for all makes and models of the Jaguar vehicle,  as well as a multitude of other top feed injectors...including Porsche, BMW, Mustang, Audi, Camaro, Volvo, Mercedes, LT1, Firebird, Buick Grand National, Chevrolet Corvette, and many other vehicles.


This page specifically deals with the causes of, and prevention of, engine fires on Jaguar V12 engines.  Jaguar engine fires are one of the two most common (and most expensive) issues with this engine.  The other issue overheated engine...causing a dropped valve seat. Therefore...preventive maintenance to prevent either issue, is the first and foremost maintenance issue that you need to address on your V12 engine.   Overheating issues...and prevention thereof...can be viewed at  OVERHEATING.    Jaguar V12 engine fires are discussed below.


What is the primary cause of Jaguar engine fires......


The answer is simple...lack of vehicle maintenance !!!  There are many a person, who will buy a Jaguar for the vehicle style, or the euphoria of being a Jag owner, some of whom have never owned a Jaguar vehicle previously, as well as existing Jaguar vehicle owners, who may be failing to maintain their Jaguar V12 engine.


Regardless of wherein you fit, in the above, there is ONE major issue you need to immediately address, to prevent an engine fire on your Jaguar.


Jaguar engine fires are predominantly caused by old/cracked/worn out fuel injection hose.  Many  Jaguar vehicles are obtained as second hand, or third hand vehicles, wherein prior vehicle maintenance is unknown,  Jaguar used fuel injection hose on the early pre-HE V12 engines, the HE V12 engines  (up to about 1993), and on the XJ6 engines.  These vehicles are now at least 20-30+ years old, with many, if not all,  long overdue for replacement of the FI hoses.  Cracks in the FI hose, caused as the hose dries from age, will weep (or spray) fuel onto a hot engine, which will immediately vaporize, and create the high probability of an engine fire.


If spark plug wiring is old, FI harness wiring is old, etc, then a spark may also be present to "light off" the vaporized fuel, from those poor weeping FI hoses.


The remedy is to replace the FI hoses...NOW.   You can do this as a DIY (do it yourself) item, or I can do it, if you send your fuel rail and injectors for a full rebuild.  The cost is minimal...when compared to the replacement cost of engine labor rebuild a V12 engine fire.  Several Jaguar and independent shops report...that the cost to rebuild a V12 engine...that has suffered an engine fire...can be as much as $7,000...including parts and labor.  Testing and cleaning your V12 injectors, and replacing all FI hoses, and associated parts, to prevent and engine $465.00 plus return shipping, at my web site, and only takes 5-7 days, as opposed to weeks, to rebuild your engine from a fire.  


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