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We do fuel injector flow testing, ultrasonic cleaning, and service for Jaguar engines, and many other top feed injectors including Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mustangs, Camaros, Firebirds, Volvos, and many other engines.


I frequently receive e-mails, and phone calls wherein the caller has a basis problem..."My engine won't start.  What do I do?"


The following is perhaps the easiest, and the most basic test procedure, to diagnose a no start on any engine.


Quite simply....proper operation of the fuel system ( I have fuel ) proper operation of the ignition system ( I have spark)......will equal an engine start.  So, if the engine will not is either the fuel system...or the ignition system...and is rarely both systems at once.


Step 1)...  Don't burn up your engine or your vehicle.  Stray sparking, or spraying fuel, MAY cause a fire.  Take all necessary fire precautions.  Move the vehicle out of the garage, away from the house, or any adjacent buildings, trees, power lines. etc.  Have an operational fire extinguisher close by ( within 10-15 feet), and not in the engine bay, or the trunk, or the vehicle.


Step 2...   Make sure the battery is fully charged, the battery fliud level is correct, all battery connections are clean, bright and tight, battery cables are not worn/frayed, the other end of the battery ground cable is clean, bright, and tightly bolted down.  If the starter motor spins over healthily,  engages the flywheel, and spins the engine over normally, but the engine refuses to start, then proceed to step 3.  If not, clean/repair/replace step 1 items, as necessary, and restart.


Step 3...  Check for a hot blue spark at the spark plugs.   Check several plugs (one at a time).  If the engine is an in-line 6 cylinder, perhaps check plugs 1,2, and 3.  If a V8 or V12 engine, check several plugs on each bank.  Remove one plug at a time, leaving the plug wire affixed to the plug.  Hold the plug boot with a pair of rubber handled, insulated pliers.  Ground the body of the plug onto the engine.  Have an assistant attempt to crank the engine over.  Check for a hot, blue spark from the plug electrode.  A weak blue, or a yellow spark is unacceptable.  No spark is likewise unacceptable.  If there is no spark, or a weak blue spark, or a yellow have an ignition problem, and further testing of the ignition system is called for.  If you have a hot blue spark from the plugs...proceed to step 4.


Step 4...Buy a spray can of engine starter fluid (typically ether).  Remove the air filter housing, and the air filter.  Have an assistant crank the engine over, as you spray the starter fluid thru the throttle plate (aka...the throttle butterfly) .  If the engine starts, and dies out when you quit spraying the starter fluid, you have a fueling problem, and further testing of the fuel system is called for.


The above basis testing should allow you to pin down a fueling problem, or an ignition problem, and let you focus your repair efforts on the correct system.


Good luck,

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