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I am serious about providing the best possible service to my customers.  I may not be able to service every one that calls for injector service, but I want every customer who sends their injectors for servicing totally satisfied.  I also want your engine to perform at its maximum potential. "Going the extra mile",  when servicing your injectors,  is not an extra, it's part of my service.  That's just the way I am...SD Faircloth.


Below are a few of the replies from my customers...and links to highly selected websites that are valuable sources for Jaguar and other car enthusiasts...



"Excellent service.  Fair pricing and very good data on injector performance".

D. Allan Daggs
Chief Engineer, President, Founder, and sole employee
Biergut Racing, 2005


"Dave, Thanks for the excellent service on my V12 injectors. I am waiting on my remapped ECU from Roger B at AJ6 Eng , and will then put it all back together."

Mike Rowen, owner, Michael's Motor Cars, Lancaster, PA. July.2017.


" I originally sent the injectors for my V12 XJS to a local vendor for cleaning and they came back worse.  In fact, two were completely clogged.  I then sent them to Jaguar Fuel Injector Service and was quite pleased with the results.  Fast, professional service at a fair price.  I highly recommend them".

Brian W in Texas, 2008


"1984 BMW 325E,  136,000 original miles.  (Just broke in).  Had put in 3 cans of BK 44K in trying to solve another problem around 120,000 miles.  Car ran better...but after installing the cleaned injectors, I got an instant 5 mpg increase around town and finally got the elusive 40 mpg on a road trip.  Idle and 800-1200 rpm much smoother and more power in the 3,000-5,000 RPM range.  Very happy with the work."

Tim R.
Denver, Colo.


"I was very pleased with your prompt service and detailed information on each injector.  As a repair shop owner, I really appreciate a professional who takes time to call me and explain all details and procedures of his work.  Turn around time was excellent, and so was the price."

Paul Meisner, Owner
Pacific Automotive
Buchanon, New York

"Thank you for fixing the injectors on my 2002 Jaguar XK8. The car now idles smoothly and pulls through the gears. Thank you for all your help."

William M.
Westport, MA
July, 2017

"Awesome ! Thank you David. This has been extremely fast and affordable for me."

Will G.
Jacksonville Beach, FL
1998 Yamaha 2 stroke outboard, V6, 250 HP, with Keihin injectors.
July, 2017

"Thanks for the fine work. Everything looks great ! I appreciate the extra effort you made to complete the job on your promised schedule. The updates as to the status of your work is also a nice touch. I will highly recommend your services to anyone. Nice to see good customer service still exists in a few places."

John E.
Camanche, Iowa July, 2017.
work performed...full rebuild of fuel rail and injectors, 1988 Jaguar V12.


"My only regret is not buying from you on E-Bay.....I can't leave the feedback you deserve.  The injectors work great, that (the injectors) was the problem, and you saved me big $$$".

J Miller
N. Canton, Ohio
2000 XK8

Webmaster's note .... (The 2000 XK8 has the new Denso injector, 4 hole fuel atomizer, 2 direction conical spray pattern, and 4 air injection holes (to keep the pattern separated, and add additional air atomization [via variable air pump pressure] to the fuel spray).  Informative for both of us.          


"After doing my own tune-up a few weeks ago (plugs, wires, cap, rotor, advance free-up), I thought that the car ran GREAT...what an improvement.  Well, I just received/installed a refurbished set of 12 injectors, fuel rail, and new hoses from Jaguar Fuel Injector Service.  The long and the short of it is that I thought the tune-up was great, the refurbished injectors are phenominal !  I cannot believe how smooth and quiet the engine's like a turbine.  Acceleration, though not blinding is terrific.  It runs as good as new...better than any time since I've owned it.  Although I have no affiliation with it, I HAVE to thank Jaguar Fuel Injector Service for the awesome job they did on the fuel system.  It was as much of an improvement as the tune-up.  The car is an absolute joy to drive, and after all this, it appears to run cooler too."

Tony de
Skaneateles, NY
July, 2006

(as posted to a Jaguar forum, and used with permission)


"I got the injectors back on Thursday, installed them on the car Friday night.  Car runs well and a noticeable improvement.  Thank you for your good work and fast turnaround".

Ron R.
Shoreacres, Texas
1996 Ford Mustang, 3.8 liter, V6. 90,000 miles
Sept 10, 2007


"Mr. Faircloth, you, sir, are a magician.
Injectors are in...engine runs & idles smoothly.  Will get some miles on it in the days and weeks to follow.  Thanks for the professional, prompt, and honest service."

Mark E,
Valrico, Florida
Nov, 2007.

Webmasters' note...Marks' vehicle is a 1983 Jaguar, XJ6, transplanted with an engine from a 1994 V8, Pontiac Firebird TransAM.  Engine had sat for 5 years prior to transplant to the XJ6.   Injectors flow rates were "off the scale" pretesting.  Took some extra work to get them alive again. worked.


"We reinstalled the fuel rail and injector rebuild that you just completed for our 1989 XJS V12.  I have just one thing to say...[Absolutely Outstanding Workmanship !!!].  The increase in performance is night and day.  The engine once again runs like a precision watch.  Also, per our discussions, I survived a severe fuel supply related engine fire in a Ferrari Dino that toasted the car in under three minutes, so I have first hand knowledge of what can happen if the proper maintenance is not done on a high performance engine.  Having a rebuild like yours. that includes replacement of all the perishable fuel line components, is the smartest step any owner can make.  I have two more fuel injected Jaguars and will be using your service again.  Thank you."

Patrick McDonnell, Senior Partner
McDonnell Kinder & Associates, LLC
Offices in...Kansas City (main office)--Sante Fe---London
corporate website at
personal e-mail for Pat is @
Nov 18, 2007.

Webmasters' note...McDonnell Kinder & Associates is a world-wide leading industry in culinary art, culinary photo art presentation, and commercial kitchen design.


"Very quick service!  The injectors did solve the idling misfire problem.  It is smoother than its' been since I have had the car (7 years).  I am going to enjoy it mightily".

Brian C.
Newport News, Va.
1996 4.0 ltr X300

Webmaster's note...Brian indicated the engine ran fine at speed, but missed at idle rpm.  One injector was found to not operate at a low pulse width, and required replacement.


"Just wanted to let you know that the Jaguar is all back together and running fine. Your servicing of the injectors has made a significant improvement to the running of the car."

Len D.
Grass Valley, California
1985 6 cyl VDP    Sept, 2008


"Took it for a test drive and its' much smoother than it was before.  I didn't know this engine could be this smooth.  Thank you for your good work."

R Sheya
Salt Lake City, Utah
'83 Jag V12     10/31/2008


"I want to thank you, Dave, for doing such a great job on my injectors.  After talking with you and visiting your website, I could tell that you had an experience that not many people possess. I am extremely happy with the work you did and the added advise you gave when I had a problem with the installation. (my note...Richard got one injector manifold seal in crooked, causing a vacuum leak and misfire on that cylinder. His in depth knowledge, and a few Saturday phone confabs put it right).  The car runs smoother than I ever remember it.  It's obvious that you take great pride in your work.  It has been a real pleasure doing business with you."

Richard Cunningham
Daphne, Alabama

Check out Richards' Jaguar web site  @


"You should be proud of the fine craftsmanship you provide.  Its' a rarity in today's public marketplace to find such attentiveness to customer service and craftsmanship.  Above the job...I appreciates your phone calls to ensure the proper job is being done, follow-up e-mails and timeliness.  The work performed has made a complete difference in the performance of my [project] car.  Just in time because I was beginning to lose hope!  Thank you for a fine job...I certainly recommend your services.

Eric H,   Bolton Landing,  NY
1987 Jaguar XJ6...4.2 liter
October, 2010


"Received the fuel rail on Monday and delivered it to my mechanic (Joe Petrone) yesterday.  We opened the box together and let me tell you that I was impressed with how good everything looked, but Joe was actually thrilled.  He indicated all of the things that were done properly and what an expert job had been done.  Joe may be one of the best Jaguar techs in the Pittsburgh area and right now he works primarily on Porsche and Ferrari's.  He told me he was keeping your address because he has a number of friends that will need your services.  Again, thank you and I too will highly recommend your services."

Eric R.
West Mifflin,  PA.
1983 Jaguar XJS V-12

Webmaster note...we cleaned/tested  these injectors and did a complete rebuild of the fuel rail...all new FI hoses, ferrules. etc, buffed the injector collars and the clamping plates, and painted the rail.

"After installing the cleaned injectors, we took the boat out for a spin and I got my power back.   Before the cleaning, I could only get 3,600 rpm and now I get 5,600 rpm. Thanks again for such a quick turn around on the cleaning."

Dave M.  Jacksonville, FL.  2008 Yamaha 115 HP 4 stroke outboard engine. June, 2014.

"The injectors were installed yesterday (1/5/2015), and my mechanic tells me there is significant change in how the engine performs!  Thank you" 

Erez N. Isreal,  1981 DD Six, 5.3 liter.
Webmaster note:  Supplied a full set of 12 reconditioned injectors, and parts for customer reassembly.

 Dave, thanks very much for your excellent service. It was a pleasure.
Gerry R, Ontario ( We did a full rebuild on an '87 V12) July 2018

Mr. Faircloth, I really appreciate the thorough communications and detail. You are obvously super professional and I'm really glad to have found you. Thank you again for your efforts. It's great having peace of mind of knowing you've sorted them out.

Peyton M.
Houston, Tx
1988 V12 Jaguar



WEBMASTER'S CHOICE...(These are offsite links. Clicking on the link will take you to a different website)...


Following are some links to excellent sources for Jaguar parts, info you won't find in the Jag manuals, and info on replacing injectors on the XJ6.


Visit Coventry West.  An outstanding source for Jaguar and Land Rover parts and service.  Well respected for their service, knowledge, and overall effort to satisfy your Jaguar/Land Rover needs.

Coventry West
Atlanta area, Georgia, USA
Coventry West


This link is exceptional in its explanation of how easy it is to remove and reinstall injectors for a 1985 Jaguar XJ6, 4.2 liter engine.  Excellent writeup, and lots of high quality photos, to guide you step by step. Total credit given to  D. Brown, in Grayslake, Illinois.

XJ6 Injector Replacement


The premier site for highly technical information on Jaguar engine development history, ECU operation, Jaguar engine fault diagnostics, and modifications to Jaguar engines.  Operated and jointly owned by Roger Bywater.

AJ6 Engineering


 If you own a Jaguar, any make, any year, you need to be a member of "Jag-lovers".  Exceptional information, photos, searchable archives and forum discussions from some of the most knowledged Jag owners in the world.


Kirby Palms'  "Experience in a Book".  Kirby's personal experience with his 83 XJS V-12,  info you won't find in the Jag manuals. Over 700 pages of information and photos, including hundreds of Jaguar owners' personal maintenance advise.  A must for any Jag owner.

Free download available at   Experience in a Book


Link(s) to BMW sites:


More info here than you could ever read in a week of Sundays.  Everything about BMW's. All models, and engines. Stock motor refits, engine upgrades, engine boost, etc.



Stay informed with gasoline costs from over 250 cities in the USA.  The following link provides daily updated fuel costs (at the pump) for regular/mid-grade/premium/diesel/E85 (ethanol blend).  The best site I have yet to find.   FUEL GAUGE REPORT   If the link does not work...minimize this page...and in your web browser...type in


For all visitors, please send me an E-MAIL if there is a problem with any of the links above.


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