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This page has been developed to aid international conversions of the various measurements used to calculate fuel pressure within the fuel system of Jaguar engines.  However, the same conversion factors are applicable to any vehicle, regardless of the country.


                                        There are three pressure measurements used worldwide to state or indicate pressure....


                                                                        1)   psi     (pounds per square inch)

                                                                        2)   Bars   (Bars per square inch)

                                                                        3)   kPa    (kPa per square inch)


Rather than go through the rational for the 3 different measurements (which is really not important), we shall give equivalent measurements for the 3 different methods.


1 psi      =      0.06895 bar

1 bar      =    14.50326 psi

1 psi      =      6.8948 kPa

1 kPa     =    14.50 psi

1 bar      =     99.985 kPa


If that confuses you...this might help....and is perhaps the easiest to comprehend !!!


   ***   14.50326 psi  =  1 bar  = 99.985 kPa   ***


If you would then multipy the immediately above equation by any number you choose..(say 3)...then you get the following....

(14.50326psi x 3)  or 43.50 psi  =  (1 bar x 3) or 3 bar  =  (99.985kPa x 3) or 299.95 kPa.


The above has some important caveats ( warnings or cautionary explanations) ...atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, etc. can either increase or decrease the equivalents.   However, not particularly necessary for daily driving needs.   If you race your engine (or if you are a fanatic)...you need to take those factors into account.  




The weight of a column of air, and the atmospheric pressure exerted on an object varies inversly, as altitude increased..(all other factors remaining equal).  That is, the higher the altitude, there is less air weight on an object, and less air pressure is exerted on an object.

Injector flow rates are usually stated at MSL (mean sea level) where the weight of the column of air exerts appx 14.5 psi on an object.
In Denver, Colorado (at an altitude of appx 5,000 feet)...that same column of air exerts appx 12.0 psi on an object.  A difference of 2.5 psi.

Therefore...we can expect that an altitude increase of 1,000 feet ...would result in a decrease of 0.5 psi.
Likewise...we can expect that an altitude decrease of 1,000 feet ...would result in an increase of 0.5 psi.

The above may be used for "fine tuning" of injector flow rates at varying altitudes.  




Below are some equations for calculating HP from cc injector flow rate...


cc per minute =  HP x 5
cc per minute = lbs per hour x 10.2
HP = cc per minute/5
HP = lbs per hour x 2.04
lbs/hour = HP/2.04
lbs/hour = cc per minute/10.2


The above information is provided as "guideline" information.  Individuals who seek "racing performance" from their engine, are advised to consult with additional sources.


Our business is fuel injector testing and fuel injector ultrasonic cleaning.  We provide testing and ultrasonic injector cleaning with a professional attitude for our customers, and professional service for your vehicle.  I believe that NO ENGINE can perform at its maximum potential without the fuel injectors performing at 100%.  There is NO sensor in your vehicle, that will resolve fuel injector problems !!     The "Accelerator Service"  expands on our initial testing and cleaning service, for the performance minded.


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