*** Accelerator Service ***


I recognize that there are thousands of "engine enthusiasts"... "performance minded", or if you will..."motor heads"...that desire the maximum HP available from their engines...across the full specrtum of throttle operation conditions.  Tuning ECU's, adjustable fuel pressure regulators, more air/ less air, testing and cleaning injectors, and swapping injector sizes to achieve just the right combination, to get your engine at its maximum potential.


As I have emphatically stated within this website,  proper "balanced" delivery of fuel from your injectors is critical to achieving maximum HP.   The "Accelerator Service" is available as an additional custom service.  You must have the basic cleaning and testing service performed prior to selection of any of testing Modes available in the "Accelerator Service".  


The ASNU flow bench tester can flow test your fuel injectors across a broad range of simulated engine operating scenarios.  That option is available here.


My initial servicing of your injectors, tests your injectors at 3 Bar pressure, for 30 or 60 seconds (depending on injector flow rate).  This initial service allows your injectors to be compared to existing flow rate data from injector manufacturers, the various "outside sources" available who publish injector flow data, and my personal compilitation of injector flow data.  In the initial flow testing, your injectors are pulsed for either 30 or 60 seconds, at 3 bar pressure.  The injector firing simulation is 18 milliseconds on/18 milliseconds off.  This data provides a 50% duty cycle test of the injectors.  That is, during the test, the injector pintle is closed for 1/2 of the test, and open for 1/2 the test.  As the injectors are tested precleaning and post cleaning, it provides the critical data on the state of your injectors.


With the "Accelerator Service",  your injectors can now be tested across multiple scenarios  of injector open/close times, rpm simulations, and rail pressures.  Testing in this comprehensive manner, will reveal if abnormal, or unbalanced flow rates are present at the test method(s) selected.   There are multiple operation test modes that you can select, depending on your personal request.


With the "Accelerator Service" you have the following test formats available....


A)  Idle testing...

Mode O.... Injectors tested at 3ms open at 600 rpm simulation.

Mode 1......Injectors tested at 6ms open at 600 rpm simulation.

Mode 2......Injectors tested at 12ms open at 600 rpm simulation.


B)  Cruise testing...

Mode 3.....Injectors tested at 3ms open at 2,500 rpm simulation.

Mode 4.....Injectors tested at 6ms open at 2,500 rpm simulation.

Mode 5.....Injectors tested at 12ms open at 2,500 rpm simulation.


C)  Upper limit testing, or low gear, high rpm testing...

Mode 6..... Injectors tested at 3ms open at 5,000 rpm simulation.

Mode 7......Injectors tested at 6ms open at 5,000 rpm simulation.

Mode 8......Injectors tested at 12ms open at 5,000 rpm simulation.


Each Mode is a separate test.   In addition to your selection of any Mode # (not letter) above, I can test the injectors at your specified fuel pressure.  As an example...you can select your injectors be tested in Mode 4 at 3 Bars pressure and in Mode 4 at 2.5 Bars pressure (2 separate tests).   Testing in this manner provides data that may be necessary, if you have an adjustable fuel pressure regulator, and you need to "tweek" the regulator to achieve an ideal air/fuel mix.

Or likewise, if you suspect your injectors are causing an idle problem, they can be tested in Mode 1,2 and 3, at whatever Bar pressure you select.  Selecting Mode 1,2 and 3 at 2.5 Bar would be three separate tests.

If you suspect your air/fuel mix is lean at the top end, you might select testing in Mode 6, 7 and 8 at 3 Bar, and then testing the same Modes at your rail pressure.,. which would be six separate tests.

As you can see, you can customize your testing, to "drill down" to a specific performance area.  No longer will you need to search for data from any other source.  You can have the actual data on your fuel injectors going in your engine.  


"Accelerator Service"  cost is as follows....


1) For sets of 4 to 6 injectors........any Mode # at any Bar pressure.........$15.00 per Mode test.


2) For sets of 7 to 12 injectors......any Mode # at any Bar pressure..........$35.00 per Mode test.


Order the Accelerator Service by including your test Mode(s) and the specific testing pressure(s) on the Order Form, when you mail your injectors for servicing.


Your injectors are tested at +/- 80 feet above MSL (mean sea level).  For conversion of pressure at different elevations...have a look at this link CONVERSION


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